Oral Piercings: Accessories to Danger?

July 26, 2021

Body piercings have become popular expressions of individuality as well as fashion statements, especially among young adults. But looking cool among your peer group has its price — particularly when it comes to your oral health. Lip, cheek, mouth, and tongue piercings can open the door to myriad problems.

If you or a family member already has or are considering getting an oral piercing —  especially if they have braces, which can be damaged by these metallic accessories — make sure to speak with the orthodontists at the offices of Pittston. We have years of experience treating patients who have piercings, which can interfere with some of our most basic functions, like chewing, swallowing, and tasting our food.

It’s important to understand that our mouths are home to scores of bacteria, and piercings can result in swelling and infection as well as creating a path for germs to enter the body and bloodstream. Tongue piercings are particularly troublesome, potentially leading to permanent damage to your teeth by wearing away the protective enamel or causing chipping or cracking due to the jewelry continually clicking against the teeth. Gum tissue and fillings may be affected by constantly coming into contact with the piercings. The protective function of the uvula, which is the tiny tissue that hangs at the back of the throat, may also be compromised. The mouth may start producing too much saliva, leading to excessive drooling.

The orthodontists at the offices of Pittston are highly trained specialists when it comes to ensuring the proper function of our patients’ teeth and creating healthy smiles. If you have braces or other orthodontic treatment and have concerns about a piercing you already have or are considering, talk to the experts in our office. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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