Your Child Should Visit An Orthodontist If You Observe This

March 25, 2021

There’s no defined age when a child should see an orthodontist, assuming that he or she needs to. Some children make their first visit when they are age 6, others at age 10 and yet others when they have reached their teens. Kids’ permanent teeth start coming in when they are around 7 years old, which is when any issues or potential issues will become evident.

We at the office of Pittston pride ourselves on our never-ending ability to fulfill our mission of providing superior orthodontic care. Our orthodontists and whole office staff are committed to treating our patients with empathy, patience and a broad spectrum of skill and knowledge.

While there’s no definite age that your child should see an orthodontist, you can watch out for these indications. It’s time to take your child to see an orthodontist include if he (or she):

  • Has lost his baby teeth at an age that’s considered too young or too old.
  • Finds it difficult to bite or chew.
  • Breathes through his mouth.
  • Is past the age when most kids stop sucking their thumbs or other fingers.
  • Has teeth that are crowded together and/or a tooth or teeth that have erupted in incorrect places.
  • Has a jaw that juts out, is somewhat sunken, shifts or makes noises.
  • Has trouble speaking clearly.
  • Bites his check or into the roof of his mouth.
  • Grinds or clenches his teeth.
  • Can’t close his lips with ease.
  • Has teeth that stick out.
  • Has teeth that don’t meet as they should or don’t meet at all.
  • His face is imbalanced, as in this features aren’t in ratio with the rest of his face.

At the office of Pittston, we pride ourselves on our impeccable skills and cutting-edge expertise. And because of our high standards, you can feel confident that our orthodontists work with top-rated medical equipment and diagnostic tools that are designed for excellence. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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