Orthodontic Treatment

October 28, 2020

Not all missing teeth are so easily replaced with a simple implant surgery into treatments. Many of us are suffering from much more than one missing tooth, but are in fact coping with the ravages of multiple injuries, malformed teeth, and other pre-existing conditions which can cause problems for you in your oral health, and can also make it increasingly difficult for your oral surgeon to perform the necessary implant surgery you need to replace your missing, impacting, and otherwise damaged teeth. For a true expert in the straightening and adjusting your surrounding teeth to correct your smile in preparation for oral surgery, patients need look no further than their local orthodontic specialist at the office of Pittston.

Oral surgeons are experts in removing and replacing teeth, but when it comes to straightening your smile to be able to insert a dental implant safely and effectively, most oral surgeons are often out of their element. For this reason, if you have malocclusions, malformed teeth, or teeth that have been otherwise damaged or impacted adjacent to the site of your missing tooth, you should not hesitate to visit your trusted orthodontist for proper orthodontic treatment in order to give you the straighter smile you need for implant surgery. At our offices we utilize the latest technology for digital x-rays that capture images in finer details than ever before in order to accurately and efficiently gauge the severity of your dental problems. With precise 3-D images of the inner workings of your smile our fully licensed and professionally trained orthodontists can find the right path for your treatment in order to solve your oral health problems as soon as possible so you can get the dental implants you need without any further delay.

Not all orthodontists are created equal. While many orthodontists specialize only in the care of a child’s teeth in order to give young ones straight smiles to grow into, our experts at your professional orthodontic treatmen center can give you the precise and personalized care you need in the correction of malpositioned teeth to facilitate implant placement. At Pittston, our professionalized training and years of experience allow us to make your unique needs our specialty in care. Our doctor’s many years of service are exactly what patients need for the difficult problems which improperly positioned and formed teeth represent. Not all orthodontists offer this unique form of care, but at Pittston we are true experts in our field. Our teams have not only kept up with the latest technological advancements in orthodontics, we have strived to fully integrate them into our practice for the very best in orthodontic care to get you on the path to dental implants for your smile.

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