Calm Your Child’s Fear

April 1, 2020

Many anxieties have their own names. The fear of going to an orthodontist is called odontophobia. Many adolescents who need braces face odontophobia.

We at the office of Pittston completely understand that a child’s first visit to an orthodontist can be fraught with apprehension. Our orthodontists know that their young patients may feel quite uneasy during their initial appointment. They know what’s going through their young charges’ minds, and use patience and compassion to promote each patient’s total comfort.

But know that there are ways for parents to tamp down or eliminate their child’s worries before he even steps through the orthodontist’s door. We offer these suggestions.

Tell him that:

  • tons of kids in the U.S. have braces — up to four million! — and some of them probably go to his school
  • he won’t necessarily get traditional metal braces (also know as “railroad tracks”); other teeth-straightening options exist.
  • there are ways to put some fun in wearing braces. He can tell the orthodontist to use brightly colored rubber bands and brackets.
  • shots and needles aren’t necessary for orthodontic treatment.
  • orthodontics is all about realigning teeth gently and gradually, not yanking them around.
  • the orthodontist will tell him exactly what to expect. When your child sees what each piece of equipment does and understands what the orthodontist is going to be doing, it can make the fear of the unknown disappear.
  • The braces will give him a gorgeous smile that will make him happy and self-confident for the rest of his life.

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